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Rob Fletcher Land-Based Training & Assessment Courses

We specialise in providing high quality land based training mainly in and around the rural East Anglia countryside with perfect facilities to fulfil the requirements of a wide range of qualifications and training.

Courses are arranged and delivered to meet differing candidate abilities.  Our client base includes local authorities, independent professionals and students.

For companies with specific training requirements, we can arrange specialist custom-made/bespoke courses with flexible delivery and location to suit specific needs.

We are able to offer;

We have expertise and experience in providing high-quality training to both private organisations and the public sector, enabling them to meet ongoing legislative requirements and update their employees’ skills to meet stringent industry standards.

Tailor-made Courses

In addition to our industry-standard and recognised Courses, we also have a range of tailor-made courses, including:

Training can be delivered on-site for local companies or further afield for a national company.