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Professional Tree Inspection

This is a 3-day course designed for candidates who are experienced, qualified arboriculturists with an in-depth knowledge of plant and arboricultural science. 

Candidates should have a thorough knowledge of wood-decaying fungi, identification and interpretation of signs and symptoms of ill health and structural failure across a wide range of tree species and circumstances.

They should be thoroughly experienced in carrying out tree inspection and survey.  It is expected that candidates should hold a minimum arboricultural qualification at Level 3, or equivalent, plus five years experience in carrying out tree survey and inspection.

Course content

  • Introduction
  • The legal framework
  • The tree ~
    As a dynamic living system
    An undamaged, self optimised structure
  • The law of the minimal lever arm and strategy of flexibility
  • Visual tree assessment [VTA]
  • Principle fungal decay organisms
  • Mechanical symptoms of defects
  • Tree inspection equipment
  • Making and writing management recommendations
  • Practical exercises
  • Workshop sessions
  • Hazard evaluation
  • VTA tree walk
  • Introduction to decay detention and measuring equipment
  • Assessment and final round up


POA. To be determined by the number of candidates

Cost and date availability will be advised when you contact us